The popular SO SUSSEX Family Picnic is back again!

This unique, communal “Taste of Sussex” experience will provide you, your family, old and new friends with the opportunity to sample a little selection of delicious locally sourced produce together.

The organisation of this is somewhat challenging logistically, but we are a group of food and picnic enthusiasts with a passion for local produce that are set on making this work again this year.

The picnic takes place on the Sunday and is available to ticket holders. The picnic bags will be handed out between 12.30 and 13.00 by the Dragonfly Hill Stage. On arrival at the festival each adult will be provided with a picnic wristband and each group will have to provide EIGHT wristbands to our wonderful picnic helpers on the Sunday, in order to get their picnic bag.

To make the picnic a success again this year we do need your help :

We appreciate it may be a little tricky for some small groups of people to find others to share the picnic with, but please do see this as a fun way of making new friends rather than a major problem. Buddy up with your campsite neighbours, or why not meet some picnic partners via our Facebook event page before you leave home?

The picnic is a great opportunity to get to know new people and share an experience together as a festival community, so please don’t panic if you really can’t find any picnic pals as we will do our best to buddy you up on the day. The feedback we receive regarding the picnic is overwhelmingly positive making this huge undertaking all worth it for the fantastic team of volunteers involved. Please embrace this delightful, if somewhat chaotic communal gathering and we are sure your will enjoy it as much as we do…and don’t forget to bring some cutlery!

The main aim of the picnic is to introduce you to some great local food producers and enjoy a little taste of some lovely local food. It is not designed to feed the family till supper. See it as a delicious starter – all our brilliant food stall holders are open all day so do pay them a visit for the rest of your lunch.

We hope you enjoy your So Sussex Sunday Taster Picnic!

The Elderflower Picnic Team