Elderflower Fields FAQs

This page contains answers to many frequently asked questions about the festival. There’s lots of practical information here, but if you’re new to the festival, then we recommend you take some time to read our Beginners Guide to EF first which should help to make planning and arrival a little easier.

General FAQs

Questions About Tickets:

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available only through the ticket page of this website, via our ticketing partner, The TicketSellers. There will be no ticket sales whatsoever on the gate.

Are there any booking fees?

Yes. Each ticket will incur an additional booking fee and transaction fee which is shown next to the ticket price on the ticket page.

Do I need a ticket for car parking?

Yes, if you are coming by car, you’ll need to buy a car park pass in advance. These cost £12 per car/vehicle and can be purchased via our tickets page. Car park passes will not be available on the gate. Please also consider making a contribution to the Energy Revolution to balance your carbon emissions.

We have joined the festival charity ecolibrium to tackle the environmental impact of audience travel miles. Please consider adding a donation to balance the carbon emissions from your journey. Please also try to reduce the number of journeys to and from site and only use one car per family if at all possible.

Do I need tickets for my children?

Yes. Children aged between 4 and 16 require a child ticket which will allow them access to all the dedicated kids sports and activities.  For children aged 0-3, you must purchase a 0-3s ticket. Child tickets must be purchased based on how old the child will be at the festival. It’s worth noting that some activities carry age restrictions, so please ensure you purchase the correct ticket to ensure they get the correct wristband on arrival.

When will I get my ticket?

Tickets will be delivered to the email address entered during the booking process a few weeks before the festival. If you don’t see your tickets in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you have a ticket query please contact our ticket partner, TicketSellers, directly on info@theticketsellers.co.uk or by calling 0121 472 6688. Alternatively you can view and download your tickets directly from your TicketSellers account. Simply log in here, click on “my tickets” and download. Please bring your e-tickets with you when you arrive at the festival, either printed, on your phone or tablet, and we’ll scan them at the gate and exchange for wristbands.

What do I do if I've lost my ticket?

If you have a ticket query please contact our ticket partner, TicketSellers, directly on info@theticketsellers.co.uk or by calling 0121 472 6688. Alternatively you can view and download your tickets directly from your TicketSellers account, theticketsellers.co.uk Simply log in, click on “my tickets” and download.

Can I get a refund or sell my ticket?

Unfortunately we are not able to refund tickets that can no longer be used. You are however allowed to sell or gift your tickets to friends.

Can I leave and return to the site?

Yes, but please try not to unless 100% necessary. You’ll find most things you need within the festival and we ask you to pack for your weekend with the intention of staying on site. You’ll need your wristband on if you must leave the site and only do so within the opening times of the festival site (see below). Cars parked in the main car park can drive on and off site within the opening times of the festival site. There is no re-admittance from the Live in Vehicle field. If your car or live-in vehicle is in the live-in vehicle field then once you are in your pitch, please do not move your vehicle until you are ready to leave the festival on the Monday.

Can I buy tickets on the day?

No. There will be absolutely no gate sales whatsoever. If you do not have a valid ticket when you arrive at the festival, you will not be able to enter the site.

Can I buy a day ticket?

No, sorry – we only sell full weekend tickets to Elderflower Fields.

What's the deal with the different ticket tiers/releases?

Like most festivals, we sell our tickets at different price tiers. We release a set amount at each tier and they start cheaper and get more expensive as we get closer to selling out. This is to encourage people to buy early, which helps with the cash flow and planning of the event. Once the allocation for one tier is sold, we move on to the next tier. We always announce when we are going to be changing price tiers or selling out, to give people some notice if they want to save money. If you haven’t done so already, sign up to our mailing list to stay informed about ticket tier price changes.

Opening Times and Other Timings:

When does the festival open and close?

Gates open on Friday 23rd May at 12 noon. Please do not arrive at the festival before 12 as you will not be allowed into the car park before this time. Last entry to the site will be 8.45pm and tickets must be exchanged for wristbands before 9pm. If you are in the live-in vehicle field, please ensure tickets are exchanged for wristbands before 9pm otherwise you will not be able to enter the festival site.

On Saturday and Sunday the site will open at 9am and close again at 9pm. You will only be allowed to enter or leave the festival site during these times.

The festival closes completely at 2pm on Monday 26th May.

What time does the music start and stop?

Performances start from about 5pm on the Friday. On Saturday and Sunday there are activities from early in the morning, but the main schedule of performers on the stages starts at around 11am.

The Dragonfly Stage stops completely at 11pm each night. The Moonshine Fandango Stage stops at 10.30pm for amplified music apart from on Sunday when it continues until 1pm.

After 11pm there is very low level music in our main bars, but the campsites should be fairly quiet.


How do I get to Elderflower Fields?

Probably the easiest way to get to the festival is to drive, but if at all possible we would encourage you to consider using public transport or lift sharing. Details of trains, taxis and buses can be found on the travel page here.

Please remember that you need to buy a car park pass if you intend to arrive by vehicle and need a space on the car park.

How much does it cost to park?

£12. If you are are coming by car, you’ll need to buy a car park pass in advance via our ticket page. These cost £12 per car and can be purchased via our tickets page. Car park passes will not be available on the gate.

Travel accounts for up to 80% of the emissions generated by the festival, so we ask that you consider balancing your travel through festival charity ecolibrium. You can add a donation when you buy your tickets by clicking the Carbon Offsetting option.

Are there dedicated disabled parking spaces?

Yes – there will be disabled parking spaces close to the festival entrance for blue badge holders, please email hello@elderflowerfields.co.uk as these must be book in advance before 1st May. Please see the Accessibility page for more information.

Camping & Accommodation:

Can we camp with all our friends in once place?

The main camping field is quite spacious so there is a good chance you will be able to camp with your friends and have plenty of room to spread out, but we recommend arriving early to ensure this as we cannot reserve spaces.

Please do not bring gazebos as they take up too much room. The Wild Camping field is generally the most spacious.

Can we camp next to our friend's camper van?

Yes, but you will need to book live-in vehicle pitches together. More information can be found here.

Do I need to book for camper vans or caravans?

Yes. You must buy a Live-in Vehicle Ticket in advance – they will not be available on the gate and if you turn up without a ticket you’ll have to park in the main car park.

Trailer tents which require a vehicle to tow them, caravans, motorhomes and campervans all require live-in vehicle pitch ticket.

Is there a luxury camping option?

Yep. Various lovely ‘glamping’ options are be available. You must book in advance. More details are available on the Glamping page.

Can we have campfires?

You are allowed your own fire pits or barbecues provided they are raised off the ground, but you are not allowed to build any other type of campfire or take wood from anywhere on the site.

If the conditions are particularly hot, dry or windy, we may place a ban on all fires – this will be communicated before the festival.

Are gazebos allowed?

No. Please do not bring additional gazebos or large awnings. The campsites are spacious, but there is not enough room if everyone also brings gazebos. Please be considerate towards your fellow campers. and only take the room you need for your tent.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, this is allowed but please do not bring any glass and be mindful of how much rubbish you are creating. We have asked all our food providers to make their meals affordable (as well as good quality).

Those over 18 are allowed to bring their own alcohol for personal consumption in the campsites/live-in vehicle field only. Please only bring a reasonable amount per person and note that this shall not be permitted into the festival arena, where we have fully licensed bars available. Re-stocking from off-site is not permitted, and there is a site-wide glass ban. We reserve the right to confiscate alcohol in breach of these terms.

Please also remember that you will have to carry all of your equipment from the car park to the campsites, so we suggest you just bring a few essentials and enjoy the huge range of wonderful food and drink available from our vendors and bars.

Are BBQs and camp stoves allowed?

Barbecues and gas camp stoves are allowed but please don’t bring any petrol stoves. Also make sure they are raised off the grass and are well away from tents.

Please don’t bring disposable barbecues – they are very difficult to recycle and not very sustainable (or very good at cooking food in our opinion…).

About The Festival Site:

Is there mobile coverage on site?

Yes, but it can be patchy and depends on your network provider. If you think you will need mobile internet coverage it’s best to check with your provider first.

Is there a cash point on site?

Unfortunately there is no cash point on site, but all our vendors and bars accept card payments.

The nearest cash points are in Nutley and Uckfield several miles away, so please ensure you bring enough cash with you.

Can I bring my dog or other pet?

Sorry – no animals are allowed anywhere on the estate. You’ll have to find a dog sitter for Fido.

Will there be medical services?

Yes, we have a dedicated first aid centre on site, run by professional event medics. Their location at the festival will be shown on the site map which will be available in May.

Is there somewhere I can charge my mobile phone?

Yes. The Info Tent will offer mobile phone charging for a small fee.

Other Questions:

How can I get involved with the festival?

Please see the Get Involved page of this website here.

We’re always looking for volunteers, production/site crew, artists, activity providers and performers. If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch!

How can I contact the festival?

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, you can contact us directly by emailing us at hello@elderflowerfields.co.uk. Alternatively you can tweet us @ElderflowerFest or message us on Facebook.

If you have a ticket query please contact our ticket partner, TicketSellers, directly on info@ticketsellers.co.uk or by calling 0121 472 6688.