Embrace an extraordinary outdoor adventure with recreational tree climbing! Climb, swing, and traverse among towering trees, this isn’t just about scaling heights, it’s about immersing yourself in nature from a unique perspective. Suitable for beginners aged 7 + and seasoned climbers alike. Join us for an exhilarating journey where every tree becomes a stepping stone to an unforgettable adventure!

Premium climbs, new for 2024….

Rise n Climb

Our brand new climbing experience that will allow you take your breakfast* to new heights? Join us for “Rise n Climb” and kick-start your day in an extraordinary way. Book your session now and immerse yourself in a morning of adventure, tranquility, and a breakfast experience that’s truly above the rest!

Tea in the Trees

A brand new climbing experience that will allow you to savor not just the magic of climbing a tree, but also enjoy your sunset snack* with a side of awe-inspiring views. Come climb, sip, and immerse yourself in an experience that blends adventure with the serenity of a sunset in the treetops.

*Food and drink are not provided for premium climbs. Climbers are to provide their own snacks, food or cold drinks. Food and snacks needs be fit into a container with dimensions of 5” x 4”. Drinks need to be cold and in a sealed bottle that is no larger than 500ml


Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday
Pre-booked sessions only.

Who’s it for?

All sessions are suitable for beginners aged 7 + and seasoned climbers alike


Tree Climbing £19pp plus booking fee.
Rise n Climb and Tea in the Trees £22pp plus booking fee.
Book via our tickets page from 26th January.