Programme Accessibility Guide

All our performance and activities include category icons, explained below, which will also be indicated in the printed programme next to each activity and performance. They are intended as a quick reference to help you decide which bits of the festival your family might enjoy the most, and we hope that they will be particularly useful for anyone who might have specific access needs.

If you have any feedback on how useful the icons are or how we could improve things in the future, we’d love to hear from you.


Activities or performances which take place wholly or mostly outside. So, there are no closed off areas and if it’s raining you’ll probably get a bit wet…


Activities or performances which take place wholly or mostly inside or under shelter of some kind. So you’ll be nice and dry if it rains, but it could feel crowded or claustrophobic at times.

Nice & Noisy

Sometimes loud or exciting and energetic – ok to add your own noise too :-)

Calm & Quiet

These activities or performances might still involve music or talk, but they are generally more relaxing and quiet.

Get Involved

Participation is required – get stuck in and be part of the action!

Just Watch

Kick back, relax and watch the spectacle. No need to do anything other than enjoy the show.


Hands on, sensory, tactile and possibly a little messy or wet!

Take it Home

Take something home after the event – either a thing which you’ve made or a skill you’ve learnt.


These activities need to be pre-booked before the festival. Please check our website to book any remaining spaces.


Activities with extra fee required payable directly to the activity provider on the day or pre-booked.

A note on Programme times and changes

Please be aware that, though we try our best to stick to them, the advertised times of activities and performances can slip. Be prepared to be a little flexible…

The same goes for the programme content, especially performances. These rarely change, but it does sometimes happen. The Info Tent will have a board displaying any last minute changes to the programme or timings.