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Camping Tips

By May 17, 2014May 18th, 2014No Comments

New to Camping?

Here are our five top tips for family festival camping:

1. Keep warm & keep dry. It seems like stating the obvious, but the British summertime is notoriously unreliable… The last two years have been gloriously sunny, but this year, who knows? So, pack plenty of jumpers, a good quality rain coat and wellies. It can also get surprisingly cold at night, so in addition to a sleeping bag, maybe bring a hat and extra blankets. Plus, leave a full change of clothes in the car. That way, if the worst happens and you get really drenched, you’ll still have something comfortable to get home in at the end.

2. Arrive in good time. Try to avoid turning up too late – it’s never easy putting up a tent in the dark with a bunch of tired and hungry kids nagging you to explore the site. This year you’ll be able to drive to the edge of the main camping fields so you can unload your heavy gear before you go off to park, but please be aware that you may have to park the car some distance from the camp site.

3. Find a good spot. The main camping fields are massive, so take your time and find a area that suits – maybe a bit of shelter next to the woods, or somewhere really quiet right over in the far corner. Either way, up the hill a bit is a good idea and find the best bit of flat-ish ground you can. Then it’s a simple matter of popping up the tent and blowing up the air bed…

4. Get your bearings. Spend a moment noting where you camped – it can be surprisingly hard to find your tent amongst the sea of canvas at midnight after a few too many cocktails… Then take a look at the site map and go for a wander, but please be extra careful around ponds and water.

5. Relax! Grab an elderflower cocktail, check out the music line up, maybe book in a session at the Woodland Spa. There’s tons of activities for the kids so get them involved and then unwind for three days of magic!

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