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2024 Festival Theme

By October 23, 2023No Comments

Send your imagination in a spin with our 2024 festival theme…


Fairytales Gone Wrong vs Rubbish Ideas

Turn the page upside down 📕

Stories handed down through generations… strangely twisted and tangled. Where does it all end?

What if you threw your favourite storybook up in the air? It’s time to question some of the tall tales we retell.

Do fairies have a dark side? What would the kingdom be like if the frogs were in charge? Does Grandma’s nighty actually look better on the wolf? And are princesses really more pleasant than trolls?

Pop on your crown and join the ball 👑

Who said it’s rubbish? 🚮

Your most rubbish ideas are most welcome at Elderflower Fields. Extra points if your ideas are made of rubbish!

Upcycle those old clothes buried at the back of the wardrobe. Still got any gems from your youth you just can’t bring yourself to let go?

Dig deep in the recycling bin to kit out your 2024 retro rubbish tribe. No idea is too rubbish and all rubbish has a second purpose at Elderflower Fields!

NEW? It’s just so last century! ♻

Best fancy dress prizes are up for grabs on Sunday after the family taster picnic.  Then join the Big Family Dance Off with a chance to win tickets to Elderflower Fields 2025!

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