From our very first festival, the amazing EF volunteer family have been the superheroes who keep the wheels turning and smiles coming. Whether it’s guiding our guests around the beautiful site, moving bales of hay, scanning tickets or lighting the campfires, these people are an essential and integral part of our festival. We’re also lucky that most of our volunteers return year on year but we are always looking for people to join in and help make this amazing event.

You don’t have to have any previous experience or special skills to volunteer. We have an amazing and diverse mix of people volunteer with us, with all sorts of backgrounds, ages and life skills. If you’d like to experience something new and you like music, food and fun, then come and join the team. We do ask that volunteers attend the crew briefing on Thursday evening before the event opens at midday Friday, so please factor this into your plans.

Below you’ll find specific team information and the link to our application form. We’ll have a chat with you over the phone once you’ve applied to welcome you on board and answer any questions you might have.

Field Stewarding Team

Our Field Teams are the eyes and ears of the festival. Working in pairs, you’ll look after a specific area of the event and act as a contact point for our lovely festival guests. You may be answering questions about what time the bands are on or offering directions and helping people find their way about the site.  You’ll quickly get to know your area and you’ll be able to spot if anything needs rectifying. You’ll be in radio contact with HQ, reporting any incidents and feeding information back to staff and the public. Field Teams make up the core of our volunteers and it’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in getting into event management with real, on the ground responsibility at a large arts event.

Information Team

The Information Team is based at Elderflower Fields HQ and has two main jobs. Firstly, acting as a central hub of information for festival goers – answering questions and pointing out where things are. And secondly, keeping in contact with the Field Teams and the festival production team to update the programme with any changes and communicate this to staff and the public. If you love organising and creating calm from chaos, this could be the role for you!…

Ticketing Team

Our ticketing team is normally the first contact our guests will have with festival staff once they arrive, so it’s a super important role. You’ll be working in the main ticketing tent, welcoming customers, scanning tickets and issuing wristbands. The work can be hectic at times, but you’ll be led by an experienced manager and it’s great fun meeting all the smiling customers!

Accreditation Team

Our  accreditation team is normally the first contact our performers, activity providers and crew will have with festival staff once they arrive, so it’s a super important role. You’ll be working in the accreditation booth, welcoming crew, performers and activity providers scanning tickets and issuing wristbands. The work can be hectic at times, but you’ll be led by an experienced manager and it’s great fun meeting all the smiling crew!

Artist Liaison

The Artist Liaison team help make the magic happen on the Dragonfly and Woodland stage. As the main point of contact for all our performers on site, they ensure performers get to the correct stage in plenty of time, help store and move performers equipment and instruments, ensure smooth changeovers between performances on stage and liaise with the sound desk.

Event Control Support

Supporting the main Production Team, you’ll be assisting in a diverse range of activities which makes it perfect for those looking to gain first hand experience of running a large arts event and for people who like variety. Event Control Support is sort of like the glue which sticks the whole festival together – which means you could be doing anything from welcoming bands and helping them move their gear to chaperoning vehicles across the site or helping the tech crews on one of the stages. You’ll also jump in and support the other teams when they get busy and you’ll be looking out for any issues and reporting back to the Production team via your radio.

Crew HQ Team

Our crew HQ and Crew support Team are the amazing people who look after our festival family. Based at Crew Headquarters you’ll be welcoming teams on shift and checking them in, ensuring they have what they need to do a great job and passing on any updates or briefings. You’ll be the masters of creating a happy vibe, sending our volunteers out with smiles and perhaps a bit of glitter!  The support team will also look out for our crew welfare, so you could be delivering sun cream to the teams in the field or making sure the ticketing tent has chairs, whatever you think our volunteer family need!

What else should I know?

Each volunteer is asked to complete a maximum of 3 six hour shifts, one or more of which may be before or after the public are on site. The ambition is to reduce this to 4 or 5 hour shifts but it depends on how many volunteers we get, so invite your friends as it’s great working with your mates! In return, you get free entry (obviously), plenty of time to relax and enjoy the festival and we’ll feed you a hot meal once per day (normally in the evening). You’ll also be camping in the exclusive Crew & Performers area with access to loos, showers and sinks. But most importantly, you’ll help create an amazing experience for all the families, experience great camaraderie, learn lots and have a really fun few days. We also encourage all crew to stick around after the festival closes for our private wrap party :-)

Before filling out the application form, please ensure you’ve read our volunteer terms and conditions – click here

If you’re interested in any of these roles, please fill out the form below, or if you have any questions, please email volunteer@elderflowerfields.co.uk.

Bringing your family

Children of volunteers are welcome to join you at the festival, free of charge. You must arrange suitable child care for the times that you are on shift. If you would like to bring your partner then that’s super! We can arrange it so you can either work the same or different shifts, so that they can also volunteer and be part of the amazing team. If they don’t wish to, or aren’t able to volunteer that’s no problem, just remember they won’t qualify for a free ticket and they’ll need buy a festival ticket but we will be able to give you a discounted rate.