Poppy the Mermaid

Poppy the Mermaid has been living under the sea happily her whole life…that is, until a new kind of monster has appeared to terrorise the deep blue! This monster is floaty, ugly, smelly and dangerous- urghh!  He’s the dreaded plastic monster- he’s making her fish friends sick, getting stuck in the coral where she lives and ruining the ocean floor!
Join Poppy’s Parties on an immersive adventure where Poppy the Mermaid will clean up the ocean with the help of your little ones through games, song, movement and fun!
Poppy’s Parties are delighted to be returning to Elderflower fields for the 3rd year in a row, this time with a very special environmental message along with their usual magic and mayhem!


Tween girl in mermaid tail swimming in pool


Saturday & Sunday.


Wow Pow!

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